My Normal Map Bake Has Weird Artifacts on the Seams

I’m trying to bake a normal map for pants, but when I do that, weird yellow artifacts appear in the seams of the uv-map. I’ve tried almost everything, but nothing works.

What’s everuthing? Looks like overlaps maybe hidden geo? (See the three tinier bloobs on the left… ?? what?)

Yea, I’m out of ideas. When i tried the same on a jacket, it drew the character’s arms on the normal maps sides.

Texture baking can be really frustrating, but you can get it right, especially with an addon like Bakelab2 that is simpler than the mysterious, spiritual Blender method :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Do you want to save the textures via baking or bake high poly onto low poly?

If that is not a super secret project, you may upload the file and we can try to bake it together :blush: