My Not-So-Awesomely Created Monster

Okay guys, here’s the first render of my newest creation: a monster. I basically just used the multires tutorial to make the head, then had to use the Make Human program to make the body. Then i did some of my own editing and cut the wings out, fixed up the shoulders and arms, put some skin deformations and stuff on it, so here it is:

I do plan to add more. For example, i want to go to the skin deformaties and add some blood-pouches, like some holes that still contain fresh blood. I also want to add some more coloring in other places, but for now, it’s at least half-way decent.


How on earth, did you get my mother-in-law to pose for you…:smiley:

… It looks great…:slight_smile:

lol…if only my mother in-law looked like that…I’d have something to shoot at. lol. thanks, took a little bit of work, still working, but am trying my best.


Cd27: I saw your post on that video generating thingy and wanted to reply or send you a message of my thoughts on it but it seems i can’t do either. is there any way to contact you?

Hi guys! I’m back, well, maybe not completely. I JUST graduated basic and am enjoying liberty. So i figured since i really don’t have much of a way of getting around i’d just chill on the net. Anyways, Crititrozoz, yes, there is an email you may contact me at ([email protected]). It should work, but i’m not sure really. Um, if it doesn’t work, i’ll get back on a few days or weeks or something and get my cell phone back online.