My object perspective is not right

Hi to all :slight_smile:
I started to learn blender and i was training on a basic project but unfortunately my 3D model does not look like right as you also see on the photos that i uploaded. Do you know the solution? Can anyone explain to me?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like your dispaly perspective angle is too wide. In the 3D view numeric panel, under the view tab, check your focal length. A ‘normal’ one would be about 35, though I have mine set to 50 for less distortion. By the looks of that, it looks like yours is 20 or less.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: But my focal length is 50mm.

I wonder, do you have some sort of modifier / lattice on your object causing it to actually deform? Does it look the same in render or does it look ok in render?

I am beginner at blender that’s why unfortunately i don’t know the answer… But i try to achieve a car animation tutorial what i have seen in youtube. There is a rigged car model and i try to make this car follow the path i created and the camera follows to the car.

If you switch from perspective to ortho view (5 on the numpad), does the car still look distorted? If so, it’s something to do with the car not the view

Unfortunately it is the same… And when i use this car as a just an image render it looks like really nice. And in this tutorial it looks also really nice. Even the person who did this tutorial has any idea about this problem. And i already watched too many tutorials about blender but i have never faced with such problem till now. It’s just too strange :slight_smile:

Try turning the visibility of all the modifers on the car off, including the car rig. Cna you save a scene with jsut the car rig in? Does it do the same? I am suspecting the rig is distorting the car now. Turning off all modifiers, including the armature, will help check that.