My Object Will Not Light

Hi All,

I have an object in blender that refuses to recieve light.

The object was inported as a .OBJ file.

I have the object and a single spot light in the scene.

The light does strike the surface of the object. Plenty of intensity and distance.

The object does have a material. If I set the material to shadeless I do get the shadeless color.

The light and the object are in the same layer.

The object is just black?

I put the object in UV Face Select mode. I can see the mapping in the UV editor.

I tried assigning a map to the object, but that does not show up either.

The object does work/shade correctly if I turn on Ambient Occulsion. I am trying to cut down my render time so I don’t want to rely on AO.

I have put a simple cube in the scene as well and it recieves light and texture just fine.

What can I do to “repair” this mesh in my scene so it recieves light. Is there a flip normals somewhere (although AO does not seem to have a normals issue).




Try removing duplicate vertices (TAB into Edit mode, F9, Rem Doubles) and recalculating normals outside (in Edit mode, hit A to select all vertices, CTRL-N).


I’ll try that.