my objects don't cast shadows :-(

Okay, look at the pic. I love everything about it, except it should have shadows…
I use a sun, raytraced and double checked on enabled ray in render settings.
I switched that same sun to spot and the shadows appeared as they should.

It must be something really silly I am missing…
I am so clueless :frowning:


Post the blend file.

Ah, I work within a sky sphere… I found out, the sun is alright if I get rid of the sky sphere… hmmmm

Ahh, easy fix, move the sky sphere to a new render layer of it’s own and composite it in, that or turn cast shadows off for the sky object’s material. The sun lamp is thinking the sky object is just a large sphere that’s casting a giant shadow over your scene, so either of those approaches will fix that.

Sky doesn’t cast shadows.
If I render the sky seperately I wonder if it’s still being reflected in the water?