My Office Interior - Looks flat :(

Hi all!
So I’m in the progress of redesigning my home office (prompted by a new job, not isolation), and this is where I’m currently at.
I’m just at a bit of a loss, my render looks flat but I can’t figure out why it looks off :confused:

Anyone got any advice for realistic interiors?
DISCLAIMER! I started dabbling in 3D 9 years ago, but only recently got back into it.

Details -
Renderer: Cycles
Lighting: HDRI (world material)
Blender version: 2.82
Samples: 1000
Total Light paths: 24
Color Management: Filmic (Medium-High contrast)

Thanks all! :smiley:


I m not expert, but i usually retouch my renders in gimp or the compositor. Kind of snobbish color correction.It produce some extra noise but i m happy with it. For example

P.S This reply is prompt by wiling to help, not isolation

Thanks for the reply! :smiley:
Honestly, looking between the 2, I think your addition of noise really does add some depth! Especially to the highlight on the dark wall. Think I might boost the exposure a little too.

I am starting to investigate compositing in Blender, so hopefully I can have it spit out what I need without the need for Photoshop :slight_smile:

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Tour lightning is hdri, but is there some opening to pass the light info the room. Otherwise you need other light sources tot light the room?

The modeling looks very voor imo :+1:

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
The room has a single source of light which is a window.
Think the real world measurements are about 1.2m x 1.6m.
The room itself is about 3.2m x 2.6m, and in reality is very bright when the sun comes through the window.

I tried using the new HDRI and Sun feature, which seemed to pump more light into the room but things looked even more washed out.
For example, the keyboard in the render is based on my physical keyboard, and when it is in direct sunlight it is still very black. The render shows it as more or less grey :confused:

Here’s a screenshot of the window -

Thanks again!

Try a portal light outside the window

Okay bud, I have seen lot of renders
like this and I seem to know what the problem is I have been messing around architecture for about 3 years now.

You first problem is the lighting and the materials in case of the materials you don’t have good enough materials and most of them are flat and rough and perfect nothing in the world is perfect you should try to you know use surface imperfections in materials

Make sure you are using the filmic colour space and not the RGB that enough flatten your render and make your lighting blood out it should be blown out that should increase some of the perfection in your render I not to be offensive your modelling is one of the worst I have ever seen so please try to improve your models or by some online and there isn’t much time to model everything in architecture and you should really use model libraries

I don’t know what you are using but you should be using the cycles render engine not the evee engine that will give you some more perfection

Also blow out the images in your PC they look fake use stronger lighting and I think that should really help I help you find this interesting and helpful

P.S sorry i didnt read all the specs before.

I think that the some of the flatness of your image comes from the flatness of the shaders: chair shaders are flat, keyboard shader is flat, mouse, drawers, table … All of them with the flat shaders contribute to the flatness, I think.

There already is one, though I’m not sure if the other properties play a part once the “Portal” box is checked?

I agree. Actually after doing something simple - such as adding some noise to the PC case’s roughness, it looks so much better!

Will continue to refine all of the textures and post an update :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the tips.
I am going through each of my models and refining the materials with additional maps.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I think your comment about my models being “the worst you have ever seen” is a bit harsh. I am a hobbyist and haven’t used any 3D package in years. I agree that areas such as the window/curtains looks awful, but that’s ok, they only exist to cast shadows.

I will also say that the chair and plant are downloaded as free models. Just to fill the scene until I decide on a chair I like.

Again though, thanks for taking the time to reply

Another way to add great detailing in addition to the good texturing advice you’re being given here, is to use volumetrics. You can add a cube, size it larger than your scene, then create a principled volume material for it with a low density, and maybe add some noise to give it a bit more interest. Your camera is then essentially looking through a swirly cloud of particles (as dense as you choose) “suspended” in the air, just like in real life.
I don’t have a lot of processing power so I have to use Eevee with Bloom, but for cycles you could also add the Glare node for the final composite to help add a “light bleed” for reflected specular highlights.
Finally, are you limited only to the lighting you have?
Or can you add in some “downlighters” etc…?
It won’t harm to add more lighting if you want your scene to really pop…

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oh, and nearly forgot… for a really quick and nasty fix you could always increase the strength of your HDRI…

I would - make it a little less perfect. Desk should be at a very light angle (like 0.5 degrees) also the pics on the wall - not quite straight. That sort of thing.

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This would make it more realistic, especially if I am going to be hanging them :smiley:

Just looked up a tutorial for this and will absolutely be giving it a try! Looking forward to looking into the Glare node too.

Thanks for the pointers :smiley:

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You’re very welcome.
Blender is an unbelievably deep and feature-rich application, but fortunately there is a lot of training material about it. If you just take some time and watch a few youtube videos using the keywords I gave you, you will find hours of instruction to help make this scene “pop”.
You’re also welcome to share the blend file with us.
We can make changes to the nodes and scene directly in the files, and share it back to you and that will also give you a lot to learn from.
Look forward to seeing how you progress on this.

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Sorry man it was a bit harsh. My bad . Just glad I could help. If you want a demo on realistic interior, I have got a post called interior modern