My old Blender stuff 🤣 Show me yours!

Sooooo I was browsing through my files and found some of my oldest projects. Looking at them, it stuns me to realize how much I’ve improved since then. I hope you’ll share your old projects with me in this topic as well!

(It took me two hours to create the model shown in the first image, about ten minutes for the second, five minutes for the third, 30 minutes for the fourth, six days for the fifth, two days for the sixth, and an hour for the last. LMAO :rofl:).


I remember being very proud of this in 2019 lol
Truly pushing 2.79 to its limits


Ha! “Hello there”. :rofl: Reminds me of another old project of mine.
(It’s such bad animation it hurts to watch. :weary: I rigged it very badly as well).

The first models that I made with Blender, by following a tutorial from this YT channel

although the original file had an enormous file size, which I reduced to upload here :smile:


At least it’s better than my first few renders. :laughing: Really, it’s not that bad.

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Everyone, I found my first try at making a realistic cat…thing. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
And my first try at a realistic animation, with bad sound effects. I remember being so proud of it. :weary:
Cat Adjusting Bowl.mkv
(Assets from Blenderkit).

Ok, hold on tight, 3 little tutorials I made in, ehm, 2012… the firsts video tutorials I followed.

Don’t laugh too loud pls :rofl:


:rofl: Sorry, I laughed. :wink:

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You know, that’s not too bad. :thinking:

the first project i was ever proud of


Way better than my first projects! :wink:

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Thank you! :crazy_face:

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One of my first ‘landscape’ attempts. I remember being so proud of this. A few years later, I came up with this for the same scene (Wastwater - Scene 1 Final and Lake District - Wastwater & Laz) which - being far from ‘great’ is a lot better than this!


(Thinking of my first landscape attempt). :weary:

This is my first sculpture, I made it after the first models I sent here, using the knowledge of the tutorial :slight_smile:

But I couldn’t make it move! The first time I tried animation, I couldn’t even make it move, and I am still a beginner in animation! :blender_logo_64_png:

I hope you like my Blender first steps :smile:


You’re amazing at modeling. Looking at your portfolio, I found things that would take me literally ages to create. :sweat_smile:

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That’s the oldest 3D stuff I can retrieve from my archives, at that time I already had some experience with 3D and drawing, but that’s probably some of my first serious projects with blender… at that time I felt like I was at the top of my game…


Thank you, you are an animator, right? Thanks for appreciating my models :blender_logo_64_png:

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You’re welcome, and yes, I am an animator. :blender_logo_64_png:

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