My Old Mac

I’m just paying tribute to my old MAC… :smiley:

I was expecting a computer… The tires and front axle look great.

ah, it’s a tricky subjetfor this post , but it’s the name of that tractor:)…
thanks Sonic

Based on the topic title, I was expecting an Apple IIc. Nice work mate! My dad has a tracker similar to that. He has the steel wheels on it for now.

No , alas it’s not a computer!
these kind of engine are pretty solid, is your Dad a farmer?
thanks four your replies

He’s not a farmer (he’s retired, however). The tractor that he owns is reliable, parts (new parts that is) are still available, but the manufacture has been out of business for a long time. The tractor is handy, being that he lives in a remote area in the woods, over 4 miles from any main road. The tractor has bee used for many things, like hauling fresh cut pines across the woods, hay rides for the kids, pulling the neighbor’s car out of the mud, etc…

Looks good (10/10)! But one thing…what happened to the back axle?

it’s not finish, now i have to deal with the rest of stuff , and the back axle too
a lot of work…
:smiley: ,

Quite a “Mac!”

You could certainly go for the approach that is already suggested now by the omission of certain parts… creating, perhaps, the suggestion of “a memory.”

The details that you have put in so-far are very good.

The “crystal ball” effect, and the rather sharply defined spotlighting (reminescent of an object that’s on a stage somewhere) is very good and effective. In other words, the shot as it is right now is well-staged such that I think that these aspects of the shot require little or no improvement. The remaining desired elements of the shot simply need to be completed, to whatever extent you may wish.

I agree with sundialsvc4. Actually, I think that bubbles digesting MAC. A couple of crits though. The wheels are a tad white and shiny. And the texture on the hood sides are weird looking.

the suggestion of sundialsvc4 is very interresting and I have to explore this new way.:slight_smile:
perhaps like rohancorwyn write it , just improve some texture or something.