My Old Robot Collection

Hey all,

Rendered in Cycles. Majority of post-pro in blender, but a couple of touch-ups in PS.
Feel free to give any crits.

High-Res -


Look good, its not pefect, I few that something on the light is not right, I dont know, but its a nice render, congratulations!

I like it!
Too heavy textures IMO, on the walls, especially.
But, agreed with leonnn, congratulations!

it looks nice … and my comment goes for the lamp and the sun light, they need to be matched a little bit … and agree on the above comments too … but your work really great

I like the images, just something is off…

The shadow of the top-row robots is upward, whilst -IMHO- they should either be straight back or slightly down when looking at the light direction(s).

Lovely texture work. It’s almost picture perfect. The only thing that seems off to me is that the lightrays are only coming from the side. Almost like you applied a texture to it. It doesn’t look very 3 dimensional.

Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

Yeah, looking back at it, I can now see the shadow/ lighting issue; and agree with the heavyness of the the textures. The light rays are closer to a texture that real (I made them while compositing), and I do think that they are a little flat.

Thanks again,