My Omega is almost done (B5-space ship)

(A2597) #1

texturing has begun, still need to add the guns and add details here and there, as well as work on the engines.

(Zweistein) #2

wow cool, looks really nice. Do you plan to make a movie? I would like to see one. At least, you have to do a small animation rfom that.

(maxstorm) #3

very very nice work mate, feel free to park it along side my B5 station :wink:


(A2597) #4

movies, pics, yep yep. :slight_smile:

need to animate it yet though, right now the rotating section doesn’t rotate on its own. :slight_smile:

and it’s still aways from release…need to make my own texture, because I really hate gen-panels.jpg…

also trying to find out ways to make her look better…there is so much detail on her, but the textures kind of hide it…