My on-board Sound doesn't work. Any ideas? (fixed)

There are no IRQ conflics. I downloaded the drivers and set them up and they worked, then I installed a Yamaha MIDI softsynth, which I used many times before, and it messed up. I uninstalled it, but my sound doesn’t work still. I repeated the procedure to install the drivers, which included getting rid of any drivers that I already have, and still no workie. I reinstalled DirectX, because in WinAmp it wouldn’t make any sound with the Waveout.dll, but it would with the directinput.dll, but the sound was garbled and non-understandable. My dad and I messed around with it for several hours but it still doesn’t work.

EDIT: Fixed now. Thanks for trying to help, all.

Yoh buddy, if you want help you need to reveal which board and which sound chip you are using. If you suspect a hardware failure test it with a Linux Live CD based on Knoppix.
If it does not work under Knoppix your board is faulty, then get your money back. However this is unlikely, I’d guess you just lack of some proper drivers.

Did you checked default devices in Control Panel/Sounds and Audio devices/Audio/Default device? The Yamaha installer could’ve messed it up.

Also don’t forget to check volume, I forget it all the time when I upgrade/reinstall Alsa on my linux box :-)).

Yep, checked all that under control panel, even stuff that didn’t have anything to do with sound.

How could I of forgot the first rule for getting help with computers?

It’s a ASUS A7V-E motherboard with a VIA onboard Sound. That’s about it, I think.