My only request for blender 101

Do NOT make it like MS Bob
just don’t go too far to the other side of coin(usability)
or else it’ll end up like this


I think it will/should end up like a android lauch screen,

like ADW desktop,

Functional. slick and easily programmable


droping a widget on a ui panel adds it to the UI panels node graph

these can then connect to commonly used things like current model X,y,z
or color or?

anything very specific will have to be called via a python node
that it’s properties automatically add input links for other nodes :smiley:

so the python node will be the core of any advanced new ai panel, but simple stuff will be simple.

I wonder if they could work on bpy to make it more frienly,

BGE was fun to learn, bpy the names of commands are not cool like the bge

addedcube =addCube(scale,orientation,position)

addedcube.meshes[0][Verticies][1].worldPosition = cursor.worldPosition

Blender generally not a difficult program. Especially considering how much now video lessons everywhere. Why spend development effort that would have it as something to something (in this case, learning) to adapt.Generally I do not see the point. Children and undergrowth, and so normally it is perceived that the work prove galleries here and on other sites. Do not underestimate the children and assume that that they can not understand - today’s children grasp all at once and those who do not grasp the meaning they are simply not interested and developers to spend time on something that would simplify the blender for children who are not interested - it is at least strange.