my open source blends :- racers , and tracks

I allow you to use :rolleyes: (not sell :mad: ) those for free , but you have to credit me (in your game) of course if you did use any of them …

racers by 3DGURU :-

car # 1

car # 2

car # 3

Tracks by 3DGURU :-
track # 1

track # 2 comes with a Bomber man racer

NOTICE : - if you want to do a skid , find a thread of mine (which contains a tutorial and blend of that)
to preview all my threads , then go here

my greets , 3DGURU … :smiley:

can you upload the files in

al salamo 3ulakom , ana ma buqdur ahmmil kol el malaffat !
ikhtar mulaffeen la’enoh ana shway mushghool …

shokran ya samas , bye

to dld
go here instead

rename the pdf to blend

Thanks 3DGURU = )

thanks everybody …

3Dguru. you delete my reply?

3Dguru. you delete my reply?

oh really ¿ lol O_o