My original Lightsaber designs

I haven’t posted anything here for a while because I haven’t made progress on my Enterprise model, so I figured: duh, I’ll post my other projects! So here’s one.

I am working on number five, with at least six more on the way. But I still want to design more, so stay tuned!


I guess you can never have enough light sabers :slight_smile: What I really like in this is the lights that are being emitted through the floors

Thanks. Does anyone know how to edit the title? As you can see, I messed up big time. heheh.

select to edit your original post, and choose the “go advanced” option you can change the thread title from there

Thank you!

Very good designs. Render in cycles?

really like your saber designs! reminds me of some of the light sabers i’ve seen come out of the custom saber shop website.

these really are quite nice, i should really get around to doing my own lightsaber.

(i think there some kind of old law or royal charter that demands all digital artists must have at least one lightsaber in their portfolio, or they can’t be considered professional artists)


(i could be wrong)

Of course it’s cycles! :slight_smile:


I agree. :wink:

Very nice, I like the glow of emission material, did you use color gradient to control emission strength?

Could you post the node set-up for the light saber as i’m very interested to see how you achieved the effect!
Also how did you go about making the floor it’s excellent :)?

I just used two glare nodes:
The blade emit is at 5.

Here are two more sabers. :slight_smile: