My origional would be WC 111 entry but never made it.

Note that this image is the poorly lit edition, meaning I just used a hemilight which I often use for test renders, I will though try to make a goodly lit version of this once I get a more powerful PC, I try to do it with this PC and it chokes on me.

sorry but i don’t get it! thanks though for makin a render of it! :smiley:

You may also notice the wood is too wild on the back panel of ENIAC, I was aware of this problem after it finished rendering but already taking quite a few hours to render I won’t deal with it. If you thought it would be a high tech scene look at actual ENIAC pictures, there were walls of vaccum tubes and tons of cabinets storing components.

ya i know but i just don’t get the image - sorry! perhaps it is my 800x600 res that won’t let me see it in one piece that’s fooling me but hopefully you’ll have a better one this week! :wink:

You’re looking at the image in full zoom when you click the link because I put it that way, to zoom out click the image.

okay i see it better but it is still alittle bizarre and no offense but i don’t think it would have really won - and you know i love your work so this was just a fluke! :wink:

Thanks, and all the complication put into it did make it not worth to light it properly, note all the little bulbs for the vaccum tubes and so on. And of course I liked blobby holding the map of the complex turned out. Of course I chose to make a blobby because I didn’t want to model an actual person.