(my other post didn't uplaod) playing animation resets character to starting point


I recently started developing a very bad skateboard simulator. the board is a solid object with no articulation. I created an “Ollie” animation (basically a fancy looking jump) I made it on the dopesheet. after I created it, I applied it to the skateboard, which is controlled through WASD. I added it through the logic editor. Keyboard sensor, key:space —> and -----> action, play: Ollie (The animation), when I launched the game in standalone, I moved around a bit, then tested the spacebar Ollie animation, and I noticed that when I activated the animation, it played, but it reset the character back to the starting point of the level, where you spawn. I can understand why it does this, but I can’t find a fix. Also, the camera moves with the rotation of the animation, any way to stop this?

I am a basic user and have no experience with python.