My own story! Well... the start of one.I need your help!

What kind of story would you like to see? let us first start with Genre. After that, i will write it, from scratch! Well if you consider my computer scratch…

What I would like is to make up a genre. One that isn’t made from two different genres. I’m not sure if this is one, but how about future-future fiction-reality? Like in the Time Machine, where he went to year 807,000.
Then add a problem that no one would ever think of, except you. I can’t think of one. But I’m sure you can.

Yeah, that is a fusion genre, but I’m positive that we can think of one that’s new.

And add characters that arn’t stereotyped. You know the main character who’s a badass, who never smiles, or the main character who does everything right. I mean, even James Bond got captured!
Or the girl who can “kick ass”. I want a woman, not a wo-MAN.
A good example of non-stereotyped characters is the recent Spider-Man movies. The guy who directed it did a good job, and he stuck to the original story, insted of “making it modern” (which really means making it crappy).

How 'bout that? Sorry for any stupidity involed. Hi ho Silver, away! :Z

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