My PC keeps hibernating when the power goes off DX

Hi, I have Windows 7 x64 Pro. I have a 1200w UPS that can run my PC just fine for ~3 hours, but whenever the power trips, my PC goes into hibernation mode… WTF? My power profiles are all set to NEVER hibernate, yet it does! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!!! Thanks

That’s a combination of Windows 7 and your UPS trying to “save” your system. Win 7 in combination with a UPS puts your system in to hibernate to save wear and tear on your HD and other components. The problem is you have a UPS.

How do I make it stop?

Never mind, I fixed it. All i had to do was install the drivers again… I hate windows

1200 Watts UPS. Sounds nice. For how long can you bridge a power sink with that? Would you mind telling the exact model and price in SA?

:slight_smile: Must be the “Mahatma Ghandi curse” cause the threw him out of a train 1893 in the vicinity of your town for nowadays (hopefully) obsolete reasons.