my PC project amb occ

i ve made this but also amb occ i dont know lightning effects:)

while i was playing C-S:p

not bad, but please turn up the AO samples…and maybe show a cloud or something outside (that’s a window right?)

Lighting needs some help I’m afraid. The models look alright, but the lighting kills it. Get good lighting without AO. I have the best luck with 3 point lighting. 2 point lights or area lights and then a fill light. When you get your lights so they do a descant job turn on AO (if you even have to) and adjust your light intensity appropriately. 10 samples on in AO seems to have acceptable results for me. If i can i’ll see if i can give you a better idea what I’m talkin about here in a bit.

EDIT: also, your monitor texture should have the emit level turned up some.

well, its far from perfect, but I came up with this after a little testing, and render time was only a couple minutes. hopefully you find it helpful. for better results that take 10 x longer replace the shadowbuffer spot with an area lamp. and adjust accordingly.

Here is a screen shot of the primary lighting settings

A couple things to keep in mind, black is a bugger to light. I never use pure black if I can avoid it. The darkest I normally go is .1 on the 3 color settings. Black on black is even harder.

Contrast between specular highlights and shadows is extremely important, and straight AO without another (primary) light source gives extremly flat light that robs you of highlights and contrast.

To many people under estimate the power of lighting. I’ve seen quite a few amazing models just destroyed by terrible lighting, and it makes me sad. On the other hand, I’ve seen a few incredibly simple models made amazing by good lighting…which makes me smile =P

PS, sorry about the lighting rant, but hopefully you find it a little helpful.

Nice, but I agree with guys about the lighting.Also You can add more details to this.
My personal advice- post things like that on the WIP section, coz there are a lot of guys who could help you to make something really beautifull out of anything + you learn a lot from that.
BTW: What happened to your “sword” project, are’nt you going to work on it anymore :frowning: ?
Take care

(that’s a window right?)
what do you think???
dude i hate lights i cant use it or i will practice see the other Thread POSTMAN car