My Pee dun look right.. Any ideas why?

Forgive the topic, i just had to do that lol :stuck_out_tongue:

In the two previous images, is a simply smooshed cube that i will in the future mold to a more pee puddle like shape. Until then it needs to look like pee!

I am horrible with water and glass objects, but i figured this is pee, its almost like a glass of water, cant be too hard right?

I’ve got a foggy color texture on it, and i tried making it lighter, but it just doesent look like pee or even water for that matter…

Can you give me any advice to making it look like a puddle of pee ?(essentially water with yellow)

I dunno… but they just look like clear spheres with a yellow foggy tiny… arg :confused:

( And ofcourse, mind the texturless seat & below )

I’ll need a urine sample…

It depends on what the provider of the pee is eating. I don’t think it should be cloudy. One thing that throws it is the lack of reflection (RayMir). And its kind of green. Depending on how the scene turns out, and if you are going to use Yafray, caustics may be in order.

Are you using a raytraced transparency? If not, do. You would need IOR. Although, I have no idea what the refraction index is for pee. :-?

The spec may not be too hard, but too intense. You would have to play around with that. I will try to think of any tutorials or something that may be usable here.


it’s not right you’re susposted to play with urine
it goes in the toilet