My pet [Evil]

Heh its been a long time since i posted anything in the finished section… Its a lowpoly model that is rigged and uv mapped… But I didn’t texture or animate it =_=, never will either. I did use blender’s glow plugin.

Tris count: 740

Is that an evil dog ? If it is … it’s not quite clear… but that’s fine… cause as a piece of art I must say that I like it …


how can it be UV mapped but no textured??

looks great would use as wallpaper but already got one :stuck_out_tongue:
plus i wouldnt be able to see it anyway

uvmapped? looks like a shadow to me…can you show a more…3d version?

I used it as a wallpaper :smiley: Wonderful stuff, this :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of my Win2000 system,

i say maybe make the model dark-grey so u can distinguish between the model and shadow

looks rad tho :smiley:

how does glow work?



Theres a wire and the checkered mapping

as for the glow plugin, its really easy goto Video squence Editor, the goto Add->Scene then Add->Effect->Glow

Then render with [Do Squence] Under the [ANIM] button in render options.

for a larger wallpaper size just download: