my php Image class ;)

(Timothy) #1

Hey all,…

I have written a small image class in php for the new content management system on

What it basicly does it resize and compress images to the values I give it.
A nice example is at: (the top image is original,… the other 3 images are calculated on page load).

Basicly this will make adding new items etc much much easier.


(metalmesoly) #2

Okay :stuck_out_tongue: dous this mean there will be updates…!?

(S68) #3

Nice class


(Green) #4

what is an item?

(Timothy) #5

green,… anything from specials, to news, to galleries.

Anything where I would normally have to manually rescale and compress the images in photoshop,… I can now make php do.

(acasto) #6


good work

(Pablosbrain) #7

Congrats! I did something like that a few years ago… I also created a script using PHP, GD and FreeType to generate text images and rollovers on the fly. It actually wrote them to a file with the name derived from all the options and then just served up that file after the first time it was created. Then if the same parameters were given it wouldn’t have to do any real work… just serve up the image. Then just changing the color parameter or something would cause it to regenerate the file.

(Sprite) #8

Hey Kib… would it be too rash of me to ask if you could send me (or put online) the source code? I’m learning PHP too, and would like to learn a bit or too about image resizing. Thanks!