My Planet (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I finished a project!)

OK… MY FIRST OFFICIAL FINISHED PROJECT! I finally finished my planet after working on and off for 2 or so months and I forgot to post it to see what people actually thought!.. so here it is.

and then I have a slightly worse quality animation of it at

I think it turned out quite nicely… you can’t really make out the stars in the movie cuz we had to cut quality to keep size down (400mb :-p) but yea… CnC is not only welcome, but encouraged…

There’s button in the render window called OSA make sure the OSA is enabled. Good work, keep it up :smiley:

I like the planet, but the clouds and atmosphere are too far from the planet.
And too bright.
Also, what on earth is that dark blue thing above the atmosphere?
Seriously I think you should’ve posted this to the WIP.

well, it’s not earth first of all… the dark blue thing is supposed to be kind similar to the northern lights, but around the whole planet… in reference to the putting it in WIP instead, what is so incomplete about it? just wondering… considering it is a fictitous planet, I don’t see how any of the things you said still apply… I don’t mean to be defensive, but your critique doesn’t seem complete enough for what you said…

edit the blue/red thing is supposed to look be animated differently, but I only had an hour or two to make it so I just made it rotate funky… that would probably be the only thing I’d change…

Maybe that blue thing is called free imagination :wink:

>>> way2lazy2ca: I’m not an expert, but I think this is really good for a first project! Keep it up!

I agree with jackblack though: You should try turning on OSA

yea… OSA was on for the movie thing, I just kept it off for the jpgs becuz I didn’t want to wait as long for rendering… :-p