My poor attempt at studio lighting, please help :)

OK I tried to do some studio-style lighting, but as you can see… it really sucks:

Heres what the scene looks like in Blender:

Any help would be appriciated :slight_smile: I know that shadow would help a lot, but for now I’m more concerned about the lighting and composition. Rendering with shadows takes AGES. :frowning:

–Farrell F.

It might take forever, but you will need them on to see how the light is affecting it. Render it with very low OSA, or none at all. But turn the shadows on.

Use AO along with the Area Light and you will be rewarded.


(1) Start by lighting the scene evenly. Provide a backdrop that is neutral but not too dark. Observe the boundaries between the object and the backdrop/floor and select colors that do not clash. Match softly-textured to non-textured areas and vice-versa.

(2) Add lights that serve to define the edges of the object’s shape; the so-called “rim lights.”

(3) Add lights that serve to reinforce the 3D-illusion, providing shadows and delineation between object and background.

(4) Make sure that the most brightly-lit area on the object is the point-of-initial-interest and that there is a path for the eye to follow.

(5) The total contrast-range in the image must be fairly small.

(6) Buy a good book on photographic studio-lighting and study the principles; then work to implement them, say on a nice square cube. Then come back to your car.