My porfolio so far (many images)

well i did this topic to get some serious crtic on my portfolio so far (meaning i will be

adding more to it), dont hesitate to be harsh (but also dont crush my hopes and dreams) if u

guys think some the things are substandard for a portfolio, feel free to tell me id and id

like u guys to tell me if im doing anything wrong on a whole like give me tips on building

a portfolio… also though, take note that some of the things arent completely finish, so if

u say something should be taken out, please give a reason why, or how it should be

improved… thank you :smiley:

well here are the images

Fire oracle-finsihed

beach Apartment- not sure if its finished or not may change the second image

Vagabond Vii-finsihd

LK- Sky sword- finsihed (and i lost the blend file so it cant be changed)

Thank you in advanced guys

To me, 4 images seems a little small for a portfolio, but it depends on who is looking at it. Quality wise you are pretty decent, especially in showing that you can do both organic and mechanical/architectural modelling. However, looking at your portfolio now, I would say that the flame oracle outshadows some of the other works. You may want to work on balancing your final portfolio so that nothing overpowers anything else. By having everything be in harmony, it shows more about your artistic skills of balance and proportion (kind of a random thought, but don’t forget that first impressions really stick with most people). On that note, you want your best, latest work to be at the front of the portfolio, just so that people see what your capable of now, and how far you’ve come from an excellent, yet slightly lower-quality image. These are just general tips that I know I would look for if I were to want to look at and consider somebody’s portfolio.

I don’t mean to discourage (if I did, which I tried to stay away from), because you really do have some very good work.

U didnt discoruage me at all, thanks for ur reply… but id like to know (dont worry i wont be offended) which images are the ones that seem to be falling behind?
and also ill be adding more images as i go along :smiley:

thanks very much

ok, first of all those are very good images! (far better than mine :frowning: ), and now to the crits: the sword is very far away from the other pictures, mainly because it is untextured and…well it’s a sword! and comparing to your other things it’s very easy. in addition to textures i would add enviorment to it.
the spacecar thingy is really good, i would make another render of it with motionblur in enviorment or something (after all the oracle got flames, right?).
i would add more details to the house (IMPROVE THE GRASS! lol)
as mentioned before the oracle is the best so those are tips on how to improve the others! also i would make my next image inviormental (trees, lakes, mountains…etc.), because that’s what imo missing to show you can do it all! goodluck!

thanks very much, i will try and do everything that was said… btw i got a scanner so hopefully my designs are gonna be much more structured ;D