My portfolio 2011

Good day, I find some job as freelancer 3D. Here is my portfolio 2011. please if do you have job for me, please send me email on this website contact form
Martin Schrimpel

You have some great work there. Have you thought on the possibility of creating a online portfolio like the DeviantArt one, it’s more professional than a .jpg file.

Your works inspired me to learn 3D graphics a few years ago, really nice stuff!

Very cool indeed. You have some webpage?

clecle:for my goal is ideal .jpg is easy and effective
rozmiarek:thank you very much for this comment. I did not know about this… thanks
JoseConseco:webpage is in progress

JoseConseco:My webpage is a complete. You can see at

Food is coming’ is the image that inspired me to learn photo-real rendering.


I love the battleship
Great work

organic:Thanks, It sounds good. thx
ldh1109:I have small plan with this model of battleship, if i will have some free time. I will work of this. thanks

Your works are beautiful. Are they all from Blender? I imagine they are, but I could be wrong. I’d hire you if I owned an animation buisness, but I don’t. Keep working toward your destiny.

bohgirl11:thanks, yes Blender with postpro in PS