My portfolio

I’ve just made my portfolio and was wondering if you guys might like it, so here’s the link and don’t be shy to post anything.

Please reply!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice looking pics their. Really like the car and chess pieces.
My only question is how you did the weird yellow line things in Blender.
Keep Blending. :smiley:

I just used the clouds texture for the particle movements and turned on “Vect” and gave it lots of particles(F7). After that I clicked on “Grad” and cranked up the texture button in the animation menu.

I hope you can make some sense out of this :stuck_out_tongue:


great gallery…I like especially the buggy…great cartoon
material effect !! and also the model…and of course your ring…looks indeed great…

btw…I did some golden rings a year ago,
and it ended up in NaN’s old CJ…june last year,
please take a look (in the gallery) :

and of course…I can see how you progress…keep up your good work !!


That buggy is very cool! I like the nokia phone, too! And of course that ring, great work. Your site is really progressing, keep up!


I am not really a fan of frames but your implementaion works pretty good. The font size for the text links could be a little bit bigger though.

I really like your chess piece image! Very elegant.

Also, did you forget a link to Elysiun in your Links section? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

I guess I really should have added a link to elysiun.

No worries, I just added it a few minutes ago :smiley:

I loved the car. Mind telling how you went about modeling it?