My Posts?

I am new to the forum and after my first couple of threads my threads stopped becoming posted why?

I don’t know why, but I think that for every new user, some of the first few threads (after you post about one to five threads/posts), don’t show up. After about half a week, everything should work perfectly. I hope this helps. : )

Same question - just tried to post to “weekend challenge” thing, on one attempt I got a message “wait for moderator”, on the second attempt the message simply got published, but when I clicked “edit” it disappeared.
To admins: if this is some internal forum security rule, IMHO it should be announced e.g. in FAQ.

There have been many threads about this recently. Posts containing links will not go through if the post count of the user is low.

I also experienced that one and my threads are not being posted. So sad :frowning:

When I first started, I posted a thread and it didn’t show up. I didn’t re post it because I didn’t know what happened. I waited a while and then a week later, it just showed up out of the blue. Don’t know why.

Oh, wait. this is old… ehem, sorry.