my potty

I have textured and modeled this potty.Tell me yor opinions on the texture and the modeling of it?

Your color choices are very odd. And you haven’t fixed the water pipe from the tank to the bowl. Ceramic toilets, urinals and sinks generally have a white glossy glaze applied to the ceramic body. Metal sanitary facilities are generally made of stainless steel. The only ‘colorful’ parts of a normal toilet are the seat and the lid, which are not ceramic, but are generally either white, black, or made of wood. Your toilet does not look like any of that. Are you trying to make a realistic toilet?

I am trying to make a odd unique toilet.You can say it is a futuristic toilet.Who knows what the toilets will look like in the future.

From the front view, it looks like it needs to be seated more squarely into the wax ring. It might leak LOL.

Well, you have the ‘odd’ and ‘unique’ part down anyway. While we may not know what toilets will look like in the future, there are some architects who have studied human hygene and have come up with designs you are not aware of. Also, people tend to be the most conservative in their bathroom habits, which is why we still install shower heads for people averaging 5’ 6" tall, which was the average height when indoor showers came into vogue. So it’s a pretty safe bet that toilets in the future will look almost exactly like they do today.

What if the toilet in the future had small wormhole in them and no water.Just a thought.

I’m a tad puzzled. It’s kind of hard to critique the modeling and materials of something for which the only basis of comparison is a standard in your imagination. If it’s supposed to be odd and unique, congrats – it’s perfect. Don’t change a thing.

If it’s meant to be futuristic, perhaps you could elaborate on the concept of why people in the future would design or use a commode like this. Why would this be the design that people of the future chose for their toilets over the design of current toilets? Does your design reflect the growing scarcity of water, advances in waste removal or sewage treatment, raw materials available to people of the future, different aesthetic sensibilities, or shifts in cultural attitudes about toilet habits? If futuristic is your concept, then these are some of many factors that should inform your design and how you present it to us. How does your model address these factors? Without knowing that, how can we offer our input?

That last question sounds gross in reference to a toilet, now that I think about it. :wink:

you are in contradiction with yourself! you post something in the focused critique section, but it seems you wont accept any critique?
First off:
your renders are not so good, for several reasons.

  • You dont see the full model (the render is cut on the bottom).
  • The Lighting is strange (it looks like there is a point lamp inside the toilet?).
  • The Materials make no sense to me (colorful noise as base?!)

I would be scared if i would see such a dark toilet in reality.
luckily, i found your model in another thread. so with a default material and just a hemilight it looks like this:

One thing i did is select the whole mesh of the flushing box (?! sry i dont know the exact word for it) and removed doubles to get rid of the very sharp edge at the top.
So it actually doesn’t look that bad.
I would recommend to rebuilt the base (the part which will be standing on the ground) and connect the Base with the Flushing Box Pipe, so you dont have such a sharp transition between these 2 parts.

I hope that helps a bit. good luck with your model.


I am trying to make a odd unique toilet.You can say it is a futuristic toilet.Who knows what the toilets will look like in the future.

For a odd toilet it has too many generic american toilet features. Did you ever saw Chinese or Japanese toiletts? they are odd to me :slight_smile:

What if the toilet in the future had small wormhole in them and no water.Just a thought.

Well, i am pretty sure it wouldn’t need a flushing box with water, if there would be a wormhole inside. I guess a wooden chair with a hole in the middle would be enough then :-p.

The wormhole for the toilet would send crap and pee to a volcanoe to be incinerated.I think i will try to make that next.How about i make the wormfole potty have a tron texture on it.For the potty.

And what if people in the future outside Texas decided to recover the minerals and other components of the crap and pee for recycling as our ancestors used to do and many people in the world now advocate?

Quite frankly, you seem to be trolling this forum. Post it in finished projects and move on. If you keep this kind of stuff up your reputation here will suffer, which means people will stop looking at your work and offering advice. Then you wind up shouting at people in Off Topic Chat and end up on everyone’s ignore list. I’ve seen it happen.

@cerfribar: in case you were wondering…

And, yes, it is pretty much a standard American or Western European commode. Hacking the colors does not make it ‘futuristic’ just odd.

@Orinoco, after seeing the volcano comment I was just about to ask if we were being trolled.

Ha! I was thinking maybe we wouldn’t even need toilets on the ship. Wormholes are too unstable, instead why not just beam the crap right out of everyones intestines with a transporter.:smiley:

It’s gonna be the 23 century why waste time sitting on a toilet!

Oh and why do you keep on saying “potty”, it’s very disturbing:D

Because simply that is what it is.

Most people in the United States stopped calling those things “pottys” in kindergarten or the first grade. They are generally referred to as toilets, commodes, johns, crappers, water closets or heads. At least in English. Although water closet and head refer more to the room than the ceramic fixtures in the room. It’s the baby-talk that’s disturbing.

concept of a worm hole is disturbing!!
would put plumbers/sewer workers and god knows who else out of work

Well that is progress for you.

Hey what happened to todd?

he dropped his keys in the toilet, and then reached in for them and is now somewhere in the earths mantle…

with stephen hawkings…