My practice project: glass-flower

In this project I wanted to learn and practice how reflections and transparency works. I use Blender one month ago and I love it very much!! This is the first 3D software, what I use.

(My other and much grand project is a Spaceship for the Orbiter ( Space Flight Simulator.
But this project is far from end this time, that I didn’t share it yet. But if it become more interesting for other people, I’ll place some picts here.)

My project is a Glass Flower

I have some other questions about developing my “flower”. How can i use Yafray to correctly render the glass volume? light torsion like in real glass? So how can i set up Refraction between two volumes? Can i set up somewere real refractive index? How can i tell to Blender, where is the “volume” “inside” the objects material?

Is it hard to set up the necessary properties? Where can i find some features like i wrote around above?


Its pretty good, only thing I suggest is making it more “photo realistic”.

If you want to use blender internal, you adjust the “volume” by turning this on:

Volume is meaningless, but this will have the same effect for clear objects.

Thank you all for the quik ansver and help!!
I’ll try this feature!!
But! Did You say, that if i’ll add some IOR, than the glass objects will refract light properly? So for example if i model a lens and set IOR like refraction-index, than it will “collect light” in a focus-point? Or if the camera looks around this lens, it will magnify the things, what are behind the lens?

Sorry about my poor english, if You don’t understand anything, i’ll repeat it!

i tried, what you advised and it worked! Here you can check it

Than, i tried to render it from another point of view and i changed the specular and the mirror colour of the clear sepals. I’m trying to reach the properly look of a clear-glass sepal. Can anyone tell me, how have i set up the material of the sepal to get a full-clear and properly refracting sepal?


WOW thats very cool nice job

very reflective

Roach 8)

thank you very much :slight_smile: ! i’ll work on it to make my flower more reallystic!

You’re getting there. I would suggest making the glass more translucent.
To do this, make the Fresnel Value for Ray Transp highter (IOR 1.5 is glass btw) and maybe lower the mirror. You can also lower the Alpha value (A slider under the color sliders) a bit

Using Blender Internal should do for your project. If you want to add Caustics (the light concontration similar to the light dot cause by magnifying glass when you try to fry an ant :wink: ), you will need to use Yafray but the setting up of this is a bit more complex and a bit frustrating a first.

Your scene will benefit from some a nice Ambient Occlusion. A good skymap (or even a HDR map mapped to the background will give a nice Ambient Occlusion (buts its not as near as good as using the HDR lighting itself of course)

ITs a very nice project overall though so continue!

interesting, but the glass doesn’t look quite right. once you get the material down, why not make a rose out of black glass? if you’ve read Masqerade by Terry Pratchet you know what i’m talking about. :wink: