My preferences and hotkeys are gone.

After the update 2.79, i lost my preferences and hk, i did not save them before, so they are gone now? or can i recover them someway?

When you first started 2.79, you will have been asked if you wanted to import all those settings (on the splash screen). All you had to do was click there…

Tell us your OS and we’ll be able to tell you where Blender saved your preferences.

Windows 10, 64x, i’m using blender thru steam. Didn’t read it, wasn’t expecting for that either.

Ah, sorry. No idea where Blender Steam saves its preferences.

where would it be if it wasn’t from steam? and the file name?. AppData > Local > Temp, has lots of blender stuff, but i can’t find anything like ‘‘preferences/prefs’’

The “normal” file path for the preferences would be C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.xx

You could just delete the 2.79 folder, start Blender 2.79 and should see the “Import previous” entry on the splash screen again.

They are here!, thank you!