My probably dusty WIP thread

Yeah, have been “using” Blender for quite a while without ever finishing something.

Well, I commited my self to finish something quite hard to do, at least: it aint modelling a greek column or somthing.

It is the result of 10 minutes (or so) modelling of a car.

Perhaps, the guru’s know what it is.

I give you an hint… it is an iconic car in France, but this is a variant to it (well not different because I did something with it, but it is just a different version).

It is a C 2 A…

And yeah; it doesn’t have any modifier applied to it, isn’t set to smooth shading, just raw.
Last step will be using the solidify modifier, what a great new addon to Blender :slight_smile:


Fiddling a bit more.

Remember, I’m still in learning fase :spin: