My problem, or tutorial...

After spending many weeks playing with Blender and learning on my own, I thought I’d download the tutorial (BlenderManual23.pdf) and see if I could learn something new.

On the very first lesson, I’m failing big time and I can’t for the life of me work out.

It’s the tutorial when you’re making Gus the gingerbread man.

I’ve created a cube, subdivided it.

Pressed the “B” key, and highlighted all the vertices on the left hand side of the cube (including the ones hidden), and pressed X to delete the vertices.

But only 3 vertices are being deleted (the ones at the front), the remaining ones are simply untouched, so rather then me being left with a vertically looking rectangle, I’m left with a step!

Any ideas what on earth I’m doing wrong…


Do you have shaded view on ( Z key )
when doing this?

could you do it again but than in wireframe mode? (press “z”)

[edit] damn to late :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks folks, yeah I had it in shaded rather than wire!!

Seems when I changed from 2.36 to 2.37 my settings were lost.

Thanks for the help, see you in 30 mins with a walking talking Gus!! :smiley: