My problems - 1.0

-The Problems-

Hello I just wonder if you could help me with all the
problems I got with this character. There are lots of them,
and I think they are problems that can be solved easily by
a pro.

These are the problems:

1. If you press p to play he's not going down to the
the plane but out in the sky like a fucking rocket. The
new gravity system confuses me.

2. I have made a shape key called angry,and I would
like to use that shape in the game engine. I have tried
but I can't get it to work.

3. It would be great if someone could add floor 
constraints to the characters feet. I don't know how to
do that. 

I really appreciate the help, I have been trying to 
fix these problems for 2 days now xD So if you can 
maybe just fix one of them it would be awesome.

See ya


dinocat.blend (239 KB)

i fixed your 1 and 2 problem, not really sure what you mean on the 3rd. hit space to play your action in the GE


dinocat1.blend (243 KB)

Thanks alot Sebnuts, since I posted this I have already figured out how to use the shapekeys. But could you tell me how you fixed the gravity? So I don’t have to make another thread like this in the future. Thanks alot man;)

I set the mesh and the armature to “No collision” as the object type, and then parented the armature to an empty and used the empty as the dynamic actor. if you dont want to use an empty or collision box, you can just make the armature the dynamic actor and use sphere bounds with compound selected, and adjust the radius to around 0.67.