My Progressing

Okay this is going to be a thread showing my progression in blender. I’ve used it before obviously, but definitely did not give myself enough time to learn to utilize it. So I am starting super basic til I get to where I want to be and I will be posting daily progression :stuck_out_tongue:

So, like I said starting basic with a spoon! lol if someone could help me on making a good looking materials or using nodes, please post a link ! :slight_smile:

Modeling Time: 10minutes
Ref Image: none
Sorry I don’t know how to change the render size lol
(BTW: Each day = More And More Advanced!)
Well anyway… thanks in advance for any comments

I think this is an awesome idea!

I was just about to do something similar!

Looking forward to moar :smiley:

Check out the “metals” section over at

@hackedmind - Thanks, I’m glad you like the idea and that you’re looking forward to more lol. If you do the same type of thing, I’ll be sure to check it out ! =)

@ssawyer I was thinking more of tuts rather than downloading a material, so I played around… a lot… with my materials to get it to look a metallic lol

Here’s the spoon with the new material applied:

I think I am going to make a whole scene, that should help me with just about everything, lighting, texturing, modeling, rendering, the only thing it won’t help with is animation lol, but i’ll wait a little while before I do animations lol

Here’s what I am planning on modeling:

  1. Fork + Knife (Already have a spoon)
  2. Table + Table cloth
  3. Plate under bowl of soup
  4. napkins
  5. Wine, Wine Glass + bottles
  6. Candles w/flames
    So, we’ll see how far I can get with that later tonight/tomorrow

Thanks again for the comments and if anyone has some good tutorials they think I can benefit from feel free to post! :slight_smile:

So… i’ve got a fork modeled ! Crazy because it actually took a bit longer than I thought it would to model a fork, you’d think it’d be basically the same as the spoon… but it was a bit different lol anyway here’s both the spoon and fork, next up, the knife. Then plates+bowls

I think your biggest problem with the spoon is the ‘bowl’ of it, normally it flows straight from the handle to it, instead of abruptly stopping and dropping off into it. Just needs a more flowing transition from the handle to ‘bowl’. Fork appears to have some weird crease in it near the handle also. Textures are too dark, too glossy, and not reflective enough in my opinion. Handle may be too fat on the fork? Can’t wait to see the progression.

EDIT: Also, the tips of the fork are abruptly turned upward, most have a nice even curve to them instead. Just some things that I think could help you over all.

thanks a lot for the comments man I really appreciate it, I’ll start working on fixing the problems lol, materials are kind of a headache for me right now, because it’s a bit different than what I am used to lol
Thanks again

Well, trust me I can’t make textures at all either… But, glossiness and reflection are quite easy to change, as well as lightening the color. Those three are fairly easy to find. But good luck.

ok, I changed the colors, I am going to move to a different project, because I really don’t feel like working on a table scene atm lol.
Fork + Spoon + Plate:

So now I am going to model a Kabar Knife, it’s still simple, but it is a bit more advanced lol. I am planning on working on materials and compositing most in this model. Here is the reference image I will be using.

Looking forward to seeing it. I know how it gets though, discouraging sometimes. Only crit now is that the plate doesn’t seem to have much curve to it toward the edges, but like you said, sometimes it’s just time to move on.

Thanks! And it’s the truth, time to move on, for now at least lol.
Well here’s the beginning part to the Kabar Handle:

Still have a bunch of work to do on the handle and knife haha, just going to work out the base mesh, then I will work on some of the finer details lol.
Please C&C :slight_smile: