My Project: Stellarscape

Inspired by Endless Sky, an awesome game you can get (for free) on Steam, I decided to make my own space game. This game aims to basically be like a super in depth and single-player 2D space exploration game, where you are limited to a galaxy of 5000 stars, full of randomly generating planets, aliens, and other interesting things. There will be civilizations dukeing it out in various wars for various reasons. There will be pirates praying on merchant ships left and right. There will be entrepreneurs who are aiming at becoming rich in the galactic marketplace, and who end up losing everything to a pirate fleet. There will be different languages, used mostly for the naming of planets and stuff, and they will each have predefined rules so that the names for things within those languages sound like they are from the same tongue. All of this will be available completely for free on the steam marketplace, and even the source will be released as open source.

Of course, this sounds like a crazy concept. It might remind you of some games that already are out there, like Minecraft or Dwarf Fortress. Doing this all alone would be very possible for me, but doing it alone, I am certain, would take a very long time. This is the main reason I created this forum site, in order to spread the word about this project so that people might be willing to step in and help out. The game is made in Game Maker, which is very easy to learn. However, if you are not willing to learn how to code in GML (Game Maker Language), you can instead just help by being active on these forums. Make a post or two every day, in order to keep the site alive. Let those who are working on it know that you are still interested. Also, there will be times when I will host discussions that all are invited to, where we can discuss various topics related to the game for brainstorming and gathering ideas from the community. I have already done this before, and I must say, it has been very helpful so far in me working on the planet generation algorithms, and the alien description generator.

Once this amazing project is completed, the only next thing to do, is to look towards the stars, and perhaps release multiplayer support… that is, if we get that far.

Lord of the Bloodwines

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