My project...

Wow, my first post.
I am doing the project for school. It’s really basic right now, so I hope you can tell what it is. Right now I’m stuck, I don’t know how to add detail without losing the tone I’m going for. I’m still very new to blender so ANY C&C would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

looks like a Roman helmet to me?

you might wanna try making the fuzzy thing (?) on top better by either using a texture or using the particle system. also maybe try going for like a gold or silver texture with some specularity. looks good so far.

I’m guessing this is Talgeese Gundam?

The head looks pretty good so far. If you want to add details like the vents on the back of his head, you could convert the subsurf to mesh (alt+c) and then extrude parts inwards. I think you should keep going with the rest of the body, keeping things simple. I remember my first project was a gundam too!

Thanks for all your comments. Its actually supposed to be a Spartan’s helmet, but they resemblance to that Gundam is there, haha. Anyways, is there a good way to make the fibers for that top part, I want to make it look more like a brush. Is there a good fiber particle tutorial out there, because i sure would like to learn how!