My projects

Hi! I am new to the Blender Artists forum and I would like people to avaliate my projects.
I have some of then in my online portifolio. It would be great for me as an artist if you people could give me some tips and adivices. Thanks for the help.

wow, those are really nice! I especially like the outdoor scenes :smiley:

Welcome to BlenderArtists! :smiley:

very nice, are those all blender?

if so, can you explain how you did the grass/fields?

methinks you have followed a few tutorials :wink:
…but nice, just the same.

Excellent renders, !!! Are all those blender?

Yeap. I did all of then using Blender, except the dragon (Zbrush).
I used particles for the grass. In thoses cases I had to use the internal render, which is much better for particles. But normally I use Yafaray as my standard render.

I’ve learned with Blender Guru tutorial how to do grass, after that u just have to change some parameters to fit it as u wish.

I’m glad u all liked it and I am gonna try to mantain the quality of my projects.
Thank for the comments.

Nice Work. I especially liked the syringe with blood.

People usually like that one. It has that strange ang fearsome look. I actually had a hard time texturing and configuring the materials. It was rendered with Yafaray. 1:30 hour, I think. I also added some color adjustment and noise with photoshop.

Glad u guys liked it.