My Pumpkin...

Yeah so I made one too… well I said I would.
Anyways, I’m still sure that CSG is the better way to make a carved pumpkin, it seems the most natural to me anyway. Too bad blender doesn’t have any CSG really to speak of (yet). I did try blender’s booleans, but it just didn’t work.
I might try another one in kPovModeller later though.

no picture.

I’ve noticed, the server seems to be acting up again… which is strange because I was able to upload the file by ftp and it responds to pings, i guess it’s just not in the mood for any http traffic right now…

Ahh my fellow pumpkin head, nicely done!

I like the texturing on the pumpkin skin, what did you use?

I’m thinking it’s high time we set up a pumpkin carving contest.

How would we go about doing one on here?

Perhaps an Admin could help?

Regardless, nicely cut, I’m interested in how you did it, as your original plan didn’t work they way you wanted it to.


Vonoroi Crackle and Clouds (original) were used to make the skin. I made the noise with crackle small, around 0.094.

The pumpkin was modelled by taking a circle with many vertices (I used 32, probably could have used more to get more detail) and then making a flower shape: i.e. selecet every other vertex and then scale them inwards (or outwards). Then I extruded the shape down several times to get a “ribbed cylinder” shape. Then I placed the cursor in the exact centre and used the “To Sphere” tool to give it a roundish shape, but i didn’t set it to 100% because I didn’t want it TOO spherical.
Then I closed the top and bottoms off.

To cut the face into, I removed some vertices in the area of where the eyes should be and then reshaped the remaining vertices to look like eyes. Same with the nose. For the mouth, it was similar but I had to add some vertices to get the teeth shaped right.