my q3 mod

i have some screenshots from my mod
anyone want the mod dload it from gonna add it soon )
and the name of it…?dunno maybe soulless :stuck_out_tongue:
and yes i’m gonna fix the rocket trails
i’ve already fixed the shockwave’s vertice problem

also going to add a kinda xp system( so you can improve certain things on yourself )
you get 1 skill point per kill( 2 if it’s gauntlet kill )
1 skill points can add 5 extra maxhealth
same goes for armor
5 for damage increase of 2.5% from base amount
5 for a speed increase of 10( jump height also gets calculated by the speed at wich you move )

nobody here plays quake III ?

… Maybe this should have gone in Off-topic …

Well I don’t play q3 so I really don’t have any grounds for comparison, but I like 1) the slow-mo fly effect onone of the pics and 2) that badass gunin the pic with just one floating piece of ground and the white explosion. I dunno, just feels big. :smiley:

Just so you’d know, images aren’t really welcome in signatures around these forums :wink: So remove it before the mods will.

I used to play it! as Homer Simpson. Quite fun!