My quad mesh suddenly triangulated

My head mesh I’m working suddenly became triangulated

not certain what to do to regain all quads

uh oh… edit mode select all ctrl-f tris-to-quads
otherwise you’re in trouble

I’ve done that many a time by fumbling badly and hitting Ctrl+T by accident while going for something like Ctrl+R. It actually not so bad when you do it with the whole mesh selected as you tend to notice it straight away. It’s worse if you only triangulate a handful of faces without noticing and they can badly interfere with subsequent addition of loop cuts and the like.

The only other way I can think of it happening by accident is by going into Sculpt mode with Dyntopo on. That triangulates everything

Yes, that’s exactly what I was toying with. I had the mesh in sculpt mode and was trying to check out Dyno Topo. So … what’s the fix to get th em back to quads?

johnMalcolm1970 and kabu – as I related earlier, the tris were due to going to dyno mode while in sculpt …

The Fix! – control f - brought up a work window with “Tris - Quads” option.


Thanks greatly

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@kabu’s suggestion of Ctrl+F tris-to-quads might get you most of the way there. If I ever use Dyntopo I don’t really care about quads or triangles. I always tend to take the sculpted mesh and retopologise it afterwards, when all the sculpting is done.

Sequential saving helps me out in these situations too. I always save a new version before embarking on stuff that will be difficult or problematic to simply undo. Duplicating the object and trying things out on the copy works for that as well.

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Thanks much for tips, advice, and steerage …

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just discovered after I posted there were many triangulated pockets i had to clean up …

What does control + F and Control + T does ?

Ctrl+F brings up the Face context menu, which contains the command to convert all selected triangles to quads. Ctrl+T converts selected faces tom triangles (it’s also in the Ctrl+F menu).


Thank you, looks like control + T is the worst fade that can ever happened to a Blender user…I hope one can delete that shortcut in preference. I will check it later.

You can normally undo this change with ctrl + z. It just becomes an issue if you save the blend file without noticing it.

Yeah they really should get rid of that… or at least assign it to one of those crazy ridiculous control+shift+alt+c shortcuts that Blender is known for.

They got rid of all the long shortcuts for 2.8. Well, all I was saying was that it’s not really that big of a deal in most cases. Heck, I personally haven’t even used it by mistake before.

Say, there is still some time before 2.8 is out of beta. If you feel this is really a serious issue then you could suggest that this be removed on