My Quest for water!!

Here’s my little experiments =)

This is procedural, time for texture nodes!


Here’s it with a skydome and a few tweaks

(EDIT) Ok, here’s it with more tweaks (second one)

BTW: This is subsurfed 6 times, hehe, a few hundred thousand faces. Because I use high res displacement maps. So if you zoom in the water isn’t flat, it’s 3d.


HEre’s a gif:

Crits please =)

I think you should use a bump map for the small detals and only use displacement for the big ones

Looks good, it’s just that I’m sure its pretty hard on your computer that way

2 thumbs up for the water!

You may want to fix the normals on those cylinders though. Yikes.

But overall, very good!

@Shatter: I’m not using the DISPL option, I’m using the modifier… That way I can animate it. And using actual displacement will make animation much better.

@Robo3d: Thanks!!! How did you do your water for the ocean in a cup?