My really wonky rigs :P

Soo I’ve been watching tutorials like mad for the past few days because i’ve really been wanting to learn how to model for a while now. Everything has been relatively smooth sailing until i hit the rigging part. Every time i tried posing my model, the mesh would warp in really weird ways. originally i had created my own rig but was convinced i’d just messed it up really badly, so i learned how to use rigify. that’s what’s shown in these pics, but i’m getting the EXACT same results with my rig and rigify :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been trying to get this working all night

This is just my model, no posing

wonk wonk. what’s happening to her legs?

You know, this might work if i were making a spaghetti girl game.

So what say you? is it a problem with my model? or did i format something improperly in the rigs? I have no idea but i’d really love some help. I’m using 2.65 btw

Hm, I don’t know exactly how rigify works, but the effect in your images could be the result of an not adjusted weight painting. Can you show us a screenshot of the weights - especially the legs? Reminds me of my first attempts with rigging :slight_smile:

minoribus is correct: your vertex weights are distributed so that some bones control vertices they shouldn’t control. You can’t expect parenting to armature with automatically calculated weights to “just work”, you need to make adjustments. Watch this video by David Ward, you’ll see what needs to be done and how. There he has problems mostly with the head, but all this is easily transferable to all parts of your mesh.