my recent heart opperation if anyone is interested

Just glad you are doing well Alltaken.

theeth: excellent title for him. Funny stuff man.


What the…either that title will commemorate him or embarrass him off the forum :o

damn…that mean I won’t receive your comp related stuff as your testament say?


joking! but you probably already know that! I’m happy everything went as planned! Now get back modelling bitch! lol

oh i don’t need a scar to do that LOL.

well the distinction here is.

Surgery, and Opperation.

it was an “invasive opperation” because they were sticking crap in me, but it was not “surgery”

but yes i agree, i was discharged from hospital that day, slightly limping but totally fine apart from that. so i agree they are very minor.

and Maaaaaaaaaan you didn’t get a paddle mark :frowning: i think you should go back and ask for one.
to be honest the paddle mark is the itchiest thing since the opperation, not even my groin was that bad (well it does kinda ache, and i am missing half my pubes now LOL)

P.s. Theeth LOL


seriously i loved every minute of it, i had the biggest girn ever all day.

Lemme guess…Hot nurse?

There was a hot redhead at the recovery clinic after I broke my leg. HAHA, I told I was going up a tree to save a cat (in reality I was walking through a door (don’t ask), she believed every minute of it.

LOL ditto.

no actually not a hot nurse, there were two hot people and i think both were doctors, but 2 out of about 20 people was pretty bad odds. LOL.

na i had a grin coz it was exciting, why does nobody think its exciting to get stuff done to you, am i some kind of retard LOL.

if i’m gonna have crap stuck up my veins i may as well have fun. its not often you get stuff stuck up your veins.

also the nurse tried to put the IV line in me 2 times and stuffed them both up, she was all embarrassed and i was like, na its all good, smiling the whole time thinking it was amusing. then she got someone else to do it so she wouldn’t stuff up again LOL.

arrr the good times.


hey Alltaken i have the exact same thing, but mine dont do it when im excersising or anything, it just randomly does it even if im like, laying down. but eh i was supposed to go have the exact same surgery but my parents are assholes and wont take me to get it done :frowning: its happened like 3 times in the last 3 months. it sucks…i really wish i could go get the surgery but i cant. oh well glad you got to get it done! and good to see that im not the only one wo has it. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


what country are you in? and do you have free medical services.

the first step is getting it caught with proof and diagnosed.

For me i live in a country with free medical.

i went by myself without any parental involvement to the doctor, and told them the issue, then i was put on a list for a treadmill test (since mine was excersize related) you would get a 24 hour heart monitor type thing probably.

however instead of waiting for the treadmill test, (which would cost the government thousands of dollars) the next time i had an episode of SVT, i rang the ambulance. (they are free here, because they are partcially a donation based charity organisation) this would have costed about $200 - $400 for the government rather than thousands. it also fast-tracked my application into a cardiologysts list.

i then waited for 4 months to even talk to a cardiologyst who basicly did nothing (well he made an assesment of if i should go onto drugs or a list for the opperation, i hate drugs so i opted for the other, and he agreed)

then i went onto a waiting list for the real opperation, this was about 10 months i think.

and now i am here. basicly i did it on my own for free. but waited a LONG TIME.

if you have any public healthcare system then you will be able to jump on the list i assume. (unless you are in the US at which time, sorry but you are F-ed, coz the US system is very very poor, unless you have medicare or somthing)

mine was a chemical adreniline based problem, (trigger of the episodes) so it stoped me doing ANY hard sport, i could bike and hike but thats about it, even golf would give me problems LOL.

your problem, sounds like it is pretty bad, i read a case on the net when researching the condition of a girl who randomly faints in lectures and stuff from it. not a nice thing (at least i could predict mine)

the bad news depending on your country, is the procedure costs a LOT of money, perhaps about $30K USD (possibly $20K)

the good news is, if its the same problem as mine. its NOT life threatening, its just annoying. it won’t lead to heart damage, unless its beating way way way to fast, if you are about 180 -220 BPM (personally) i found it was ok. the doctors are not to worried about it because nobody really dies of it.

but definatly push it to your parents, and if needed, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR. if you havn’t already (perhaps you have) if not then save up $40 or whatever you need to go to your doctor, and talk to them about it. getting it on paper to shove in front of your folks face is good.

for me i had mine every 2 weeks or even every week for periods, (untill i stopped playing sports of any kind then i started gaining weight)


two things to do.

COLD WATER, stick your face in a sink of cold cold water, then pull it out, this has a good chance of stopping it.

VALSALVER MANOUVER (don’t know the spelling)
crouch down as if you are squatting to take a crap, hold your nose with your finger, and blow to make your face red, Like really hard blow into your nose. then release really fast (once you are totally unbelievably red). the change in chest pressure might stop the heart beat.

P.s. the second one is very embarrassing so don’t do it around chicks. i was with some friends and tried to do it, only to find myself laughed at rather heavily, even though they knew what was happening, they couldn’t resist the temptation LOL.

But hey, good luck with it. hopefully you can get it sorted out.


yeah, the first time it happened i went to the hospital and they stopped my heart completely for a couple minutes (they basically killed me for a lil bit. lol) and started it again, and i had to go to OHSU (Oregon state heath and science university) and they told me i had SVT, and scheduled me to come in and have the surgery a couple weeks after that, but my parents never took me cause thier pieces of shit…but oh well. ummm im in america and no i dont have free medical :x … and i would go to get it done by myself, but im only 16 and dont have a car…and OHSU is like 70 miles away :<
but thx for the info :smiley:

so did OHSU offer you it for free. or were they expecting your parents to pay a huge amount for it?

just wondering why your parents didn’t want to take you, coz if it were free then OMG i would totally sue your parents LOL. but if they couldn’t afford it then thats another issue.

well i think i’m more concerned about the relationship between your folks and you than the heart issue at this moment.


yeah it was free…i was quite confused and still am… :o ???

Hectik_XVI ,

Do your parent’s really know how you feel about this? Have you truly expressed your feelings to them. Sometimes parents are afraid of scaring or perhaps losing their child and don’t want to confront the issue. Children tend to be a lot more heroic and mature than most parents realize.

Just a suggestions, maybe you could start off by letting them read this thread and follow up with a “heart to heart” (pun intended) discussion.

Good Luck!

Sounds like a wild ride Alltaken! Did they give you a video of the operation?

I never would have guessed they can do a heart opperation that way.
I mean that the entry point would be a vein in your leg! Glad you’er allright man. Sounds like you have the right kind of out look on the situation.

As far as the boner goes, I’m sure he took it as a complement! :slight_smile:

that is how it’s done usually.

alltaken… you know what could help youre heart? you should leave calm peacful sheep saturated new zealnd and come here for a weak! than you could expirience a hot whather a deflating economy a corrupt government and just for you the joy of a terror attack and the shear pleasure of occuping a hostile people. that would make youre heart get better! :stuck_out_tongue:


is the opperation still on offer for free from OHSU, or is that offer gone now?

because seriously if your folks made that decicion then heck i’d be making them pay for it when you do want to go. leaving you with a bill for somthing that wasn’t necisary is rediculous.

and yeah definatly telling them how you feel would be good, health IMO is a bit of a hush hush subject, but its always the hush hush subjets that are the most dangerous and important.

and Aner. LOL

well if i came ot Isreal i would probably get sent home pretty quick for protesting or somthing.




“Poked his heart through his groin”

Sounds like an American Indian name.

Perhaps you could apply to the U.S. Goverment as an American Indian tribe and open up an Indian Casino! Lot’s of that going on here in
Calee-fornia! (Since we have the Govinator it’s no longer California. LOL


Kalee-fornia maybe

uhh yeah i have tried to talk to them about it but they just generally tend to ignore me and pay attention to my little brother and older sister…there too busy buying her beer to take me to OHSU eh,…i hope they rot in the pit of!!! room335 “the goventator” is the funniest damn thing ive ever heard!! lol 8)


Sorry to hear that, perhaps you have and Aunt or Uncle who would help you talk to them or a counselor at school? Though it may not seem like it there are other people in your life who WILL listen to you!

Regarding the Govenator, whether or not you like his politics, at least we have a guy with a personality.

Here’s some Govenatorisms:

“To those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say, Don’t be economic girlie men!” –at the Republican convention

“I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

“Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced he will refuse his $175,000 salary and will work for free. I believe he will be worth every penny.” —Craig Kilborn

yeah, all the rest of my family lives in new mexico and texas, and im not in school right now, because its summer break…but when school does start i may talk to a councelor…lol the govenator is halarious…i shall move to cali! :smiley: