my recent heart opperation if anyone is interested

i think ill stay in holland. almost free health care, no bombs flying around, no weird politicians (although our prime minister jan peter balkenende is a bit, well…), and a ‘good’ school.

yeah, i wish i did’nt live in the US :frowning:


If you can get a doctor to write in your chart that it’s a life-threatening illness then you can get a court to require your parents to take you for proper treatment (or at least pay for the procedure and the cab fare to and from the hospital). This requires getting DSS involved. You can also apply to the court for legal emancipation, after which you get to make your own decisions. You can still get a court to require your parents cover you under their health insurance and then you can go get the operation without their consent and you don’t need to get DSS involved. Of course, afterwards they don’t have to let you live in their house (there are some caveats about being emancipated) so you really need to consider that route.

Talk to your guidance counseler at school. In most states (and I believe all public schools that accept federal aid funds) they are required to contact the appropriate authorities if they feel a student is being abused, and failure to provide proper medical care is most definitely covered as abuse!

Try and talk to your doctors and get them to give you their opinions as to the severity of your condition. If they think it’s serious enough, find out if it’s documented that way in your medical record. You can’t do much of anything until that’s done.

Ok, leave.

mr_rob:Hectik_XVI wrote:
yeah, i wish i did’nt live in the US

Ok, leave.


thank you for the information, DStone. i will think about my options…hopefully i’ll just be able to get the operation soon :smiley:

Then the day you turn 18, get out of my country. If you don’t want to live here and be a positive influence, leave.


you realise you are now what i consider a New-World-Nazi.

saying you are either with us or against us
if you don’t like the country leave
you choose to live here, if you don’t like the laws get out…

its all very sad

you see, by people staying who have differing opinions, and disliking current situations, you get the laws changing to make more people happy. its called democracy, and its founded on “the majority being happy”.

the more people unhappy in the US (who choose to vote), then the more things will change. and those people will become happier.

but considering only 47% of people vote, you are doomed, to always having the majority unhappy LOL.

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Perhaps mr_rob should go back and read the whole thread. Then you might realize that there is a person who is in need and wants medical care but can not get it because he is under age and being ignored by his parents.

For most of us living in the US, it is a fantastic place to live but sometimes it’s hard for one to see the forest through the trees because of emotional or economic circumstances.

mr-rob I don’t know you and do not wish to flame you but your statement sounds like that of an extremist right wing waco. This kind of thinking will continue to isolate us from the rest of the world and give the religious extremist even more fodder for their cause.

Ahem Did I say anything about laws? All I want is people who dislike the US so much, and still live in it, to leave.

And I was being an arse… He is just 16 so I should’ve calmed down. But this applies to people that can legally make such a decision. Sorry Hectik.

I did read the entire thread, it’s his parents keeping him from getting the operation NOT the government/medical system. And I pity him for that.

So sorry for my overreaction I was just tired of hearing people kick the US! You can stay if you want, anyway it isn’t my choice.

I feel pretty stupid now, that was the result of me not thinking and being tired, not a good combination. :expressionless:

Mr_rob the only situation that i agree with your statement is when the person is a first generation imigrant. (and only when faced with normal situations, rather than racial predjudice)


Something like this happens to me sometimes. I’ll start feeling dizzy, and my heart speeds up. I haven’t been to the doctor though, so I don’t know if it is the same thing. I should probably have it checked out.

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Hectik_HVI: I hope everything works out for you.


the symptoms are shortness of breath, dizzyness, increased heart rate.

if this happens, take your pulse, if its over about 150 then see a doctor about it. (mine was up to 250 normally)

its pretty minor but still seeing a doctor is a good plan.