My recent travels (photography)

I recently went on a trip to an area just above Rockhampton (QLD, Australia) for a few days and took some pics of the scenery.

I’m no photographer but these were my favourite pics…

(7 images, 1MB total)

Taken with a Canon Powershot A80.

very nice photos Wiggie,colors are vibrant.
i like the 2nd pic.

If you told me not that you were not professional photographer, I guess I imagine you as it :o

Bye, beautiful pics…

wow, great colors

The first one is an excellent shot.

Digital cameras sure have changed a lot in the last 10 years. I upgraded from a 0.3MP Apple QuickTake 100 to a 3.2MP Canon Powershot A75. That’s almost 3 million pixels more! But pixels aside, the quality/color/compression is much improved.