My reference folder

My reference folder just turned 100 gig today, Although to be fair half of it is pdf’s and video tuts.
My name is joe, And I am a data packrat.

Wow. All of my data (other than the music I listen to) is under 8Gb. I’m currently doign everything on a 120Gb hard drive…

Good for you! I keep ditching all the inspiration-, texture- and reference-images every 4-5 years.

Of course a lot of the 90’s textures would be pathetic for use, so perhaps not a biggie, but sometimes I wonder if I should start a data-warehouse! :slight_smile:

Well, Allot of it is when I watch movies, I’ll snag screenshots of them when I see facial or body features I like. And say what you will there is just something about looking at a human body that is highlighted by proper light and shadow. OZ and Sons of Anarchy are good for that.
But I’ve always loved history, I’m one of those peeps that drops a time-capsule once every couple years. I doubt any of them will ever be found but we never know.

I am with you Joe. I’m a digital hoarder. I save everything because I think I will NEED it. Which I almost never ever do of course.