My render does not look realistic - highly appreciate your feedback!

Hey guys,

im a complete beginner and just tried to render a bath scene. All textures are normal maps except the glass of the shower and the towel holder.

My guess is my lighting is completely wrong, thats why the whole scenery looks so flat.

I would love to hear your feedback to make the render look better. Big Thanks!!

Top View Light

What are you talking about!? IT LOOKS SO REALISTIC!!!

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I think it looks really nice so far. The large flat area on the left - is that a window? Maybe adding a hdri and some depth-of-field/focal lenght adjustments may give the result you’re looking for.

Also, if the room is being lit by daylight, shouldn’t the light from the lamps be way less visible?

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Yeah thats a window! Really good points, I will directly change this. I always underestimate some simple things for getting a render more realistic like DOP, HDRIs, and the right lighting as you said.

Big Big thanks for your feedback - love to develop me trough this sort of thing!!

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thank you :slight_smile: idk how to explain but I´ve the feeling that it´s kind flat and that there´s a missing depth trough shadow/light setting. I will realize the notes @bartificial wrote. I think those are really good and simple points to make a big step further into realism!

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Your textures are too basic.
Looks like you have no reflection map at all, no bump/displacement map either (speaking about the tiles joints here mostly).
Given that there’s nothing at the windows, it makes it weird to have a light coming from the side, and for me the general ambient light is too bright. There are barely any shadows. Which is for me the biggest reason it’s not as realistic as you’d like.
And for a small detail, I think the heater could be slightly pulled off the wall (at least 2-3mm) as even if it’s fixed directly on the wall, there would still be a tiny gap between the 2.
I hope this can help you being a bit more satisfied with what you did here :wink:


I think the setup looks odd. It’s like all the bathroom equipment is in a corner of a large hall.

You should get closer with the camera.


Also lower the camera to a realistic eye height.

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First of all big thanks for your feedback this helps me a lot! I tried to realize your and the feedback from the other guys, which helped me in this thread. Thats now my current version:

Its defenitely much better. The reflection maps making such a big difference. It isn´t perfect and not 100% realistic, but I guess this takes time.

I think some imperfections like small cracks on the stones are missing. I will also try to make it better in post.

What do you think of the V2 raw render?

It does look much better!
Few things left though :wink:
It looks like the vase is floating over the ground?
And what’s still a bit bothering is the light coming from the right side. As the sun is coming from the left window, the shower base should create a shadow towards the right, but due to the panel light, it makes it weird.
What you could do in my opinion, is either have that hole as a window, but then no direct light from there, or maybe have it as a door to some sort of a hallway, then having some indirect light bulbs there.

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I think one thing you can definitely do is change your camera angle! Right now, it’s like a photo is being taken on the worlds tallest tri-pod, or by a giant man. Bring the camera down, to a normal height, and have it more or less straight on, rather than tilting downwards.

I also think your materials can use some work. Currently everything looks flat. I’d recommend going to (used to be cc0Textures) and looking at some of their pbr materials which you can download and use completely free. I’d also have a look at pbr shaders in general, as it’s going to help you a lot in this project.

My final suggestion would be to change the window in some way. From a practicality point of view, would you really have a huge window in a bathroom, where someone outside can look in? Maybe frost it, or do something with the background - as currently, this is one of the biggest draws to the scene not being realistic

You’ve got a solid foundation to work with though. It’s a really good start! :smiley:

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Much better but as mentioned by Magnavis, the camera is still way too high. Position the camera at about 1.7 meter from the ground to get a more realistic perspective.
There’s a rather large empty and uninteresting space at the right, I’d crop the picture to get rid of most of that wall.
Apart from that: lighting and materials look way better and you’re much closer to getting photorealistic results now.

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first big thanks for your help, I really appreciate it and just trying to realize your feedback :). Normally my PBR Node Setup looks like this:

I found this in a youtube video a while ago. Would you turn up the bump values for getting more “bumpier” textures or is there any fundamental mistake in my PBR Setup?


may be test it with different color for walls

might get more realist

all grey does not help to see bumps maps details ect.

also for bathroom windows are not full height
at least around here !

happy bl

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One thing to note. A spec map is not a roughness map. To use a spec map in the roughness slot, you’ll need to invert it with an invert node. But ideally, you’ll use a shader with it’s own roughness map, as they will often reference different things.

Also, your displacement set-up is wrong here. If you want true displacement, then you’ll need to plug your displacement texture into a displacement node, and then plug that into the displacement slot on the material output. Then in the material settings, you will need to enable bump and displacement for it to work correctly.

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Thank you! Unfortunately I don´t have any roughness maps cause some texture are my own created with

I changed my setup like you wrote and it´s great, those tiny structures on the surface are so important for the eye and brain:

This is my PBR Setup now:

I just realized that the wall in the left doesnt dock beside the middle wall, caused by the displacement, do you know any solution to kinda apply the displacement, so that I can dock it manually beside the other wall? Displacement modifier is a solution I guess, but its destructive :/.

This is much better!

Now as it’s been said before, I’d change the camera angle, unless the room is tiny and/or you are 2.10m tall?!
Anyway, you’re getting there. I’d just add some furniture to make the room more alive, add a door nob or a way to open the window, given the fact that it’s full height, so I guess it’s also made for people to get outside? Something like a shampoo rack in the shower, a carpet, etc.

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I also just found this video, if you’ve never watched it
It’s about photorealism, in this case for architecture, and I guess it might help you getting even better results!

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Good work! You are getting close to realism but lacking a lot of little details to get fully there. I would pick a couple actual pics of bathrooms and make a detailed list of all items in the room and how they are represented. You need to make the concept and design work before getting to the realism part. Most important aspect of a scene is if you can picture yourself in it.

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