My render is f*##5 up with cycles

I was just working on my project with a school, but after adding a lot of objects my render looks like this:

But before adding, it wasn’t as broken:

What happend with my render and how can I fix this last render?

Broken? Because its a bit darker? Could be anything you accidentally changed…
Hide all the objects (hope you organized it) and render again and see if its still “broken”

I’m about the ugly blur in the end of the corridor


I could be wrong but it just looks like denoising artifacts, you can try increase resolution or samples to fix it.
More complex scenes may require more samples.
I’ve found adding more objects or more lights to my scene can make my current sample count less effective and requires an increase in samples.

Your scene being darker may also be contributing to the artifacts as I’ve found denoising works on brighter scenes a lot better.

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Yep thats denoise. Horrible with skin but in this case the samples are just too low to work well…

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Your settings, I’m guessing as you have given us zero information about that, in the second render is that the you have diffuse bounces to 1, denoising on, low sample value. Make bounces higher and higher sampling and it should be good.

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It appears that your walls are not casting shadows in you old scene.
Now they do which leads to less light rays which leads to more noise and more problems with denoising.

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I will do a new render in 2500 samples, the old one was in 256 samples. I hope this will fix the artifacts

You can first test it. Just deactivate denoise or put more light into the scene. Waiting for it to finish when it not solved the problem is wasting time. But maybe it only takes like an hour to render it so…

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1 hour for 2500 samples, 10mins and
i will send it

I think the artifacts are gone, thanks for your all help