My render only shows in solid form

I have worked on my animation for months and it looks good when I click to render the sscreen in 3d View. However, I am trying to get my camera view to final render and everytime I click to render either a PNG or AVI, it only renders a solid image and not the fully rendered version. I am unsure as to the problem. I have checked all my settings and still get the same result, a final rendered solid.

Any help greatly appreciated. Sometimes I feel like I am overlooking something very simple but I have tried everything.

You have not really supplied any useful information.
We need to have the same level of information as you have.
Remove all unnecessary crap from your blend file and supply a download link to it so we can actually see what you are talking about.

Is your scene very very large or very very small. If either check the scene falls within the camera start and end clip distance (look in camera settings)

That is precisely my issue too. Material/Texture possibly.
I am awaiting a solution which can further help debug a fault in default and it will help people who are new.
Salutations. I am new too to this. :slight_smile:

sounds like you need to setup materials and lights. since nobody knows what render engine your using, we cant help.